We live in a very fast-paced external world. Luna works on shifting our focus inward to deepen our awareness on and off the mat. She encourages an underlying sense of stillness and clarity within, so one can move from a place of truth. Her background training in YogaWorks emphasizes proper alignment while her Wanderlust training allows the class to explore intelligent and creative sequencing. A mixture of Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga connected with movement, breath and meditation make up a majority of Luna's style, leaving you feeling strong, rejuvenated and centered in every class. 

Public Classes

Public classes are currently available in Hollywood, Silverlake, Downtown, Glendale, and Pasadena. Please message to be Luna's guest at any of these locations and experience what yoga can do for you! 

Online Yoga

Luna is thrilled to be able to provide online yoga classes through She continues to carefully create a wide range of classes that are suitable for beginners to more advanced practitioners. Class times range from 5 minutes to one hour so there's a class for everyone any time of the day. 

Private & Group Classes

Group and private classes are a great way to learn the basics and/or advance your practice with one-on-one attention to fit your needs, in home, or in an outdoor space. Ask about incorporating yoga for kids parties, wedding days, or even at the work place to feel great anytime, anywhere.

  • In Home Yoga
  • Group Yoga
  • Group Retreats
  • Private Locations
  • Outdoor
  • Children Parties
  • Workplace
  • Weddings

Yoga Advisory & Choreography - Film/TV

As the practice of yoga continues to grow throughout the world, so does the need for it in various media outlets such as film and television. Luna has worked with multiple productions throughout the Los Angeles area. This includes working with directors on set to assure accurate choreographed yoga scenes and sequences, as well as one-on-one coaching with actors.

Contact here for bookings and opportunities.

Past Collaborations & Projects:

  • HBO's "True Blood" - Episode 703 - Directed by Lee Rose
  • HBO's "Open" - Episode 101 - Directed by Ryan Murphy
  • HBO's "Big Little Lies" - Episode 102 - Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée 


Join Luna on her next yoga retreat! Check the Events page for upcoming getaways and see the below video to find out what retreats are all about! 

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.
— The Bhagavad Gita